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Welcome to Funky Feet Dancers!

This site is so all Line dancers can try my dances and meet new friends. 

Okay the bit about me, My name is Zandra Varnham, I'm 20 years old, and I live in Milton Keynes. I have been Line dancing since I was 13, when my friend Gerrie came down to do a Line dance in Watford. Like a few I know, I wasn't to sure what Line dancing was, but did a dance and got hooked. The first dance I remember learning was Ruby Ruby. Good floor filler, although I don't like it much anymore. Since that day Gerrie has been a really good friend of mine and has always supported me with my Line dancing, she always had faith in me, always knew I could reach my goals. I always believed in Gerrie and now I have achieved so much.

Recently I have passed my dance teachers exams to Level 3 with the BWDA 2000 and became a medal examiner as well. This was my biggest achievement as all through school I was told I couldn't make it as a dance teacher, and I have!  That showed them!

I also enjoy working on my Choreography, I have written many dances so far, with Amor starting to take off around the world. Thanks to friends I made on the Line dancer website.

My next goal is to make it into competition, but that is enough of me chatting away to you, have a good look around and try out the links and sign my guest book please.

See you on the dance floors soon!

Much Love

Zandra xxx